Unique Funny SMS in Urdu, Hindi and English

Funny SMS

Posted on: May 8, 2008

Funny Jokes

When i open my eyes every morning i pray to God
that everyone should have a friend like you….
Why should only i suffer!!!

One day Santas Girlfriend asks him, Darling, om
our Engagement will you give me a RING?Santa:Ya
sure, Give me ur Telephone No.

When I was born Devil said…Oh Shit!!! Another
GOD!!!..& When u were born devil said …
Oh Shit!!!!Competition…!!! ….

Fill in the blank…Im ur …..friend-
a)-Cute b)-Sweet c)-Loving d)-Boy/Girl
e)-Best of all Reply is a must…

Do U know the fullform of COLLEGE- C-Come,O-On,
L-Lets, L-Love, E-Each,G-Girl,E-Equally……
Thats why boys go to college regularly….

Who said english is easy???Fill in the blank with
YES or No… 1.—–I dont have brain…
2.—–I dont have sence… 3.—–I am stupid….

If ur world is spining Round & Round..& Round….
Ur heart is beating fast ,do u think its LOVE?
na Munna na its called high B/P…

Merry Christmas, Enjoy New Year, Happy Easter,
Good luck on Valentines, Spooky Halloween &
Happy Birthday Now bug off and don’t annoy me
for the next 12 months!!!!

what happend 2 ur mobile? i was trying 2 call u
but i got this msg: welcome 2 D jungle network,D
monkey u r tring 2 call is on tree plz try later.

First the engagement ring, then the wedding ring,
then the suffering

Last night I lay in my bed looking at the
beautiful stars, the moon and the sky…then i
thought where the fuck is my roof

Birdy birdy in the sky dropped a poopy in my eye,
I don’t worry I don’t cry, I’m just happy that
cows can’t fly!

If your a Vegetarian to be nice to animals, why
are you eating there food

I’m a killer, i kill people for money, but you
are my friend

Its been a rough day.I got up this morning,put on
a shirt N a button fell off.I picked up my
briefcase N the handle came off.I’m afraid 2 go
2 the bathroom

Jesus says to John come forth ill give you
eternal life. John came fifth he won a toaster

At dis moment in time 10 million people r having
sex.5 million people r drinking coffee.100
million people r sleeping & 1 stupid fool is
reading my text!pass on

The rain makes all things beautiful. The grass &
flowers 2. If rain makes all things beautiful
why doesn’t it rain on you?

i want u 2 know dat our friendship means alot
2 me.U cry i cry.U lauf i lauf.U jump out of da
window… I look down & den… i lauf again

An independant study has proven dat those who
have a bad sex life & who are crap in bed are
readin dis message in their right hand!

I’m @ the police station now been done 4 drink
driving.Urine sample was positive so I nicked
the sample.they r now doin me 4 taking the piss

girls are like phones. we like to be held and
talked too- but if u press the wrong button u’ll
be disconnected!

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