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Latest Funny SMS and Jokes

Posted on: March 28, 2009

Funny SMS

JUSTICE ki bahali
JUSTICE ki bahali
ka irada to nhi tha

Lekin Sheerin ki
Bewafai ne
majboor kar diya.


Arz Kia Hai…
Arz Kia Hai…

Those Who Know Me Know Me Well

Waah Waah

Those Who Know Me Know Me Well

Those Who Do Not, Go To Hell . . .


English Shairy Mulahiza ho
English Shairy Mulahiza ho!

Arz kya hai…

She is Kissing,

Wah Wah

She is Kissing,

* Some Text Missing *
* Some Text Missing *


Akhbar aur Radio
Teacher: Akhbar aur Radio main kya Faraq hai?

Pathan: Akhbar main Rotiyan lapait saktay hain, par Radio main nahi.


Bruce Lee’s Favorite
Bruce Lee’s Favorite




SMS main Zaleel karna
Funny SMS main Zaleel karna ab bund bhi karo FARAZ!!!!

Kya “Wasi” aur “Ghalib” Tumhari Phuphi k larkay hain?


Yeh keh kar woh
Yeh keh kar woh meri sari 7up pi gaya FARAZ



Pathan ne bank se
Pathan ne bank se car li
Lekin loan wapis nahi kar saka,

Bank waley car ley gaye,
Pathan: Pehley pata hota to
Shadi bhi bank se loan le kar karta.


Hum Har Roz Udaas
Hum Har Roz Udaas Hotay Hain Aur
Sham Guzar Jati Hy

Kisi Roz Sham Udaas Ho Gi Aur
Hum Guzar Jayein Ge.


Paper Se Pehle Ki DUA
Paper Se Pehle Ki


Aye Khuda!!
Is Baar Pass
Kara De
Next Time
Zaruur Parhoonga … 😉


Santa: Mene Kal SANIA MIRZA Se Phone Pe Baat Ki.

Banta: That’s Great Yaar… Usne Kya Kahaa?

Santa: Usne Kaha WRONG NUMBER.


If you are in tension
If you are in tension,
If nothing seems right,
If u find no way out,
Then just think of me only once,
I will be always there to INCREASE your tensions.


Pehle kahan milte the
Yaad hai ham pehle kahan milte the.

Train ruki,
Khidki khuli,
Nazro se nazre mili,
Aur aapne kaha…



In larkion se dil lagana
In larkion se dil lagana ek bhool hai

In k peeche itna bhagna fazool hai

Jis din kisi larki ne keh diya “I LOVE U”

Tou samajh jana us din APRIL FOOL hai.


Tmhari 1 bat pata Lgi hai
Tmhari 1 bat pata Lgi hai, zara free ho ker msg karna Ok.

Sab ko frwd kro,dekhna kitne log pura msg nhi padhte hain.


GdX|”r”a.*@$H #neycKC7&A8S”3!,}
HS E:lP1R#h4`
,cV @ )Jfll LDv4ky.aLDRMhq.

Kia par Rahay ho?

Mein to April Fool Bana raha tha..:)


1st APRIL ko ULLU banao
1st APRIL ko logon ko uloo banane ke 7 tarike:

Ye tha pehla tarika baki Baad main.

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