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In this stressful life where we have lots of tensions regarding our future, present and family everything is getting harder and harder but one thing which gives you relief free of cost is your smile your right to be happy. Jokes, Gages, Comedy shows all gives you relaxation but in this jetspeed life who has got the time so here we are with our website Unique Funny SMS sms which will provide you a wide range of small jokes, gages and riddles which will definately bring smile to you and without taking your much time.
You can always log on to the site while working on your PC and read our Unique Funny SMS sms which are like one liners.

The Unique Funny SMS will provide you with the SMS you have never ever read before as it will cover mostly all the topics wether it is on love relationships, husband wife, parents and child, sexy sms, masti sms, friendship sms, goodnight sms, rudeandnasty sms, tapori sms, christmas sms, happy birthday sms, sorry sms, tragedy sms, miss you sms, valentinesday sms, anger sms, well wishes sms, cute sms, sweet sms, english sms, goodmorning sms, chahat sms, small sms, smart sms, free mobile messages or whatever you want.

It will give you a place where you can share your funny, naughty sms and get the praises from the members existing. Can make friends for lifetime through this amazing site where fun is everything. These free and small sms can be easily send to yout friends and make them remember you in seconds. The site provid eyou the oppurtunity to show your hidden talent of making people laugh.

We have love MMS, friendship ,sad, funy, masti, small, smart everykind of SMS for you. Sms have become a part of our life now, somebody working and get an sms this 2 minutes reading sms give him happiness and thats what we want to spread with the help of this site as you will get more and more sms jokes so you will be sending it more. This new way of being happy and enjoying happiness can be spread all over by you.

Unique Funny SMS Sms is a unique place to get almost all kind of sms you were always looking for.So log in and get the best of your time by getting different catagories like funny, filmy, ocasional, festival sms, diwali sms, holi sms, rakhi sms, pooja sms, dosti sms, darde-dil sms, sardar sms, sex sms, mobile sms, urdu sms, funny hindi sms, web sms, cool sms, bedava sms,valentinesday sms, anger sms, well wishes sms jokes sms, gages sms, mini sms, smart sms and whatever you want.

You may meet people…
better than me,
funnier than me,
more beautiful than me,

But one thing I can say to you
I will always be there for you when they all leave you.

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A large text message collection of funny mobile phone sms txt messages, ranging from humorous jokes to sweet love poems. Send free sms, logos & ringtones, funny text messages, funny sms, love, text message, jokes, mobile, phone, sms, funny, fun, humour, txt, text, free sms

Please Notice !!!

We are not responsible for
any damage you inflict on yourself or others
when you lose control while laughing hysterically.
Please ensure you are physically restrained when visiting this site.

The Notice Committee

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We can’t pimp your ride, but we can pimp your cell phone!
Ridiculous SMS messages

Hello, this is Death. Please answer when you’re ready.

I used to have an open mind, but my brains kept falling out.
Rude SMS messages

I can please only one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn’t looking good either.

Why can’t you accept that some days you’re the pigeon, and some days you’re the statue.

You have the sex appeal of a wet paper bag.

You have a one-bit brain with a parity error.

Did someone forget an important date?
Everyone has a photographic memory, you just don’t have any film.
Humourous SMS messages

Sorry, I cannot make it because there is a power failure. I am stuck on the escalator.

Tonight there will be an ice cream party. All ladies giving milk please come early.

Sorry I am late, I couldn’t find the remote control to the remote control.

Sorry, I am having an out of money experience.

I was arrested for walking in someone else’s sleep.
Funniest SMS messages

I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering.

Out of my mind. Back in five minutes
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TUSI bade hi gr8 ho,
RASGULLE ki pl8 ho,
PEPSI ka cr8 ho,
ANDE ka oml8 ho,
SMS KARNE ME bare le8 ho,
JALEBI ki tarah stra8 ho,
KHER jo bhi ho mere fevr8 ho…!

Child : – Mohit uncle mujhe na Bandar dekhna hai
Mohit : – Beta vo abhi SMS padh raha hai.

Zindagi jaise ek saza si ho gayi hai,
gamm ke saagar me is kadar kho gayi hai,
tum kar do ek SMS yeh guzarish hai meri,
tumari SMS ki adat si ho gayi hai.

Jis mehfil mein hum khade ho jaaye
waha Haritik bhi jhukta hai
Kaho Na Pyaar Hai
Kya mooh dukhta hai

Tumko dekha to yeh khyaal aaya
Tumko dekha to yeh khyaal aaya
Ki Paaglo ke stock mein Naya Maal Aaya

Kaun sa gham hai jo yeh haal bana rakha hai
na to makeup hai, na baalon ko sajaa rakha hai
aur khama-kha cherti rehti hai yeh rukhsaaron ko
Tum ne zulfon ko bohut sar pe chara rakha hai

Jis din se juda vo humse hue
is dil ne dharkna chor diya
hai chaand ka mooh bhi utra utra
taaro ne chamkna chor diya

Kon kehta hai dost ki tumse humari judaai hogi
yeh afwaah zaroor kissi dushman ne uraayi hogi
shaan se rahenge tumahre dil mein hum
itne dino mein kuch to jagah banayi hogi

Vo likhte hain humara naam mitti mein
aur mita dete hain, Unke liye ye khel hoga
magar hume to vo mitti mein mila dete hain…

Teri aankain jhuki jhuki
tera chehra khila khila
jab tere chehre per haath ghumaya
to aadha kilo fair & lovely mila

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kya baat h ….
ek janni thi we always stair at each orther for 2-3 minute constantly &continuously….
but i don’t know what did we think acting like that….???

I know this website presents quality based articles or reviews and additional stuff, is there any
other web site which offers such data in quality?

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