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Hi SMS FansReaders,


I have posted some good messages earlier in my blog , thought it would be better to have a seperate page exclusively for sms, so here i am adding this seperate page for crazy and funny sms , for many jobless people like me who have no qualms in sending funny sms jokes no matter what time it is. I am just adding the good ones which i have come through.
Hope u like it..i will keep updating it…and u can add ur sms too by posing it in the comment box..


No vulgar messages allowed!!!

>> once a couple goes 2 a theatre. then a mosquito get enetrs the grls skirt..

guesss were did it bite…




Dirty minds always thinkin bad…

SoMe1 AsKs Me Wht is hUmAnity,
I wud SiT nExT 2u,
PuLL U CloSe 2 Me,
PuT mY ArMs ArOuNd U
n sAy pRoUdLy,
DiS Is humanity..
Lovin ANIMALS..!

Fire ko Aag kahate hai;
Cobra ko Naag kehate hai;
Garden ko baag kehate hai;
Gusse ko raag kehate hai AUR
jo tumhare pass nahi hai;
ucse DIMAG kehate hai…

>> Two surds go fishing. They catch a lot of fish and return to shore.

The first surd says:
“I hope u remember the spot where u caught all those fish.”
The other answers:
“Yes,I made ‘X’on the side of the boat to mark the spot.”
“U idiot!”replies the first.”how do u know u will get the same boat tommorrow.”

>> What do you do when a Sardar throws a pin at you?
Run like crazy….he’s got a hand grenade in his mouth.

>> height of stupidity

What is the height of stupidity?
2 sardarjies sitting on a motorcycle & fighting for a window seat.


>> Boy friends are like Pani puri
“alwayz tasty”
like pizza
“hot nd spicy”
nd Hubbyz r lIke
“Dal chawal”
whn ther is nO other OptiOn P

>> A chines was in hospital,
A man went 2 see him,
chines said: CHING CHING MOU CHU CHA & died
Man went china 2 ask the meaning.
it was kutay k bachy oxygen k pipe se pair hata

>> Interviewer: imagine that u r in room with all doors & windows closed & it caught fire, now how can u escape?
Sardar ji: very simple, I’ll stop imagining…

>> Sardar complaint to police: Sir, All items in my house r missing except TV
Police: Why thief didn’t stole the TV?
Sardar: Because i was watching TV naa.

Watz wrong wid ur phone ?

I tried calling u but the operator said,

Welcome to jungle,
the monkey u r trying to contact is on the tree plz try later

>> Q: Watz the differnce B/w Aadmi and Aurat ?

Ans: Aurat aik hee aadmi say bohat sari umeed kerti hai,
Aadmi bohat sari aurton say aik hee umeed kerta hai.

>> At the train
Train rukii,
khidki khulii,
nazrein milii,
usne kaha, !!”Chaay garam Chaay”!!..

>> During WC when Sehwag went to batting.
sehwag’s wife phoned there for him
Wife : Hello! Can i Get Sehwag,please ?
Greg Chappel : Im Afraid he is not here at the moment.
Wife : where hs he gone ?
greg : Madom! u knw he is our opening batsman. he hs gone 4 batting
Wife : No probs ! I’ll hold on. Im sure he’ll come back soon

>> Sachin’s wife : Can you go to the market please? Sachin : I’ve lost the World Cup so I’m not sure if the public will respect me. Wife : It’s ok, wear my saree and people will recognise you as some lady…….. Sachin wears his wife’s saree and enters the market. While shopping, a lady near him smiles at him and asks “Hi Sachin, how are you?” Sachin is shocked because he thought no one would recognise him.
Sachin : How do you know it’s me?
Lady : Hi da, it’s me Dravid!!!

>> Calender 2007
jan- ROSE,
feb- prapose

>> Can u Elaborate COLLEGE ? Its like this
C ? Come
O ? on
L ? Lets
L ? Love
E ? Each
G ? Girl
E ? Equally

>>Amitabh bachan in KBC
Question for 10 lac to Sardar jee
What is the colour of your wife’s underwear?
Option 1 : White
Option 2 : Grey
Option 3 : Black
Option 4 : Blue
Sardar jee : Can i phone a friend?

>>Wife: I will die
Husband: I will also die
Wife: Why u want 2 die ?
Husband: Becoz main itni khushi bardasht nahi ker sakta!

>>Boy: Main tumsay Shadi tu kerloon Magar Meray Ghar Walay Nahi Maan Rahay
Girl: Kon Kon Hai Tumharay Ghar Mein ?
Boy: 1 Wife 2 Bachay )

Close ur eyes…

think abt ur self

ur face,

ur style,

ur nature,

ur looks,

now open ur eyes..

u hv jus spent half a minute watching a

horror movie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smile- the language of love
Smile- a source to win hearts
smile-creates warmth in ur personality
Brush ur teeth regularly!!

>> If people say u r <crazy> be patient
u r <idiot> relax
u r <stupid> be cool
but if they say u r <intelligent> rakh kay thappar lagana salooon ko mazak ki bhi koi had hoti hay

Why cant a girl can be both intelligent and good looking…. because then it would make her a boy

>> U r miles away from me. still im watching
ur every movements by 3 different

1) discovery
2) national geographic
3) animal planet

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