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45 Saal Ka Aadmi Larki Dekhny Gaya!

Larki Ki Maa Dekh K Behosh Ho Gai
Hosh Aaya
Waja Poochi?
Tou Boli 25 Saal Pehle
Ye Mujhy B Dekhny Aaya Tha… =P 😉


If My T0mOr0w Never C0ms,
Im S0ry,
F0r Al The Mean Thngs I Might Hav Said..
Im S0ry,
F0r Al The Thngs I Did 0r Didnt D0..
Im S0ry,
If I Ever Ign0red U..
Im S0ry,
If I Ever Made U Feel Bad 0r Put U D0wn..
Im S0ry,
If I Ever Th0t I Was Bigger 0r Better Than U..
Im S0ry,
F0r Everything Wr0ng I’ve Ever D0ne..
Im Writing This Bec0z Wat If My T0m0r0w Never C0mes?
Wat If I Never Get A Chance T0 Say Gudbye Or Wat If I Never Get To Say SoRy!

Gairon Se Manga To Zillat Mli

ALLAH Se Manga To Izzat Mli

Aye Mangne Wale Mang Usi Se Jo Deta Hai Kushi Se


Kehta Nhi Ksi Se…

Subha Bakhair

Ibtidaay Ishq Hai Rota Hai Kya…

“Zara Ghor Se Dekh Ye Tera Khota Hai Kia?

/.”.) “^—-;”;_
\,,/”( , , )

Desk Pe Kisi Class Ki Tanha,

Student Tha Koi Udas Betha,
Kehta Tha Exam Sir Pe Aye,
Khelny Kodny Mai Saal Guzara,
Sun K Student Ki Ye Baat,Pharra Koi Pas Hi Se Bola,
Hazir Hu Madad Ko Dil-O-Jan Se,
Pharra Hu Agarchy Mai Zara Sa,
Hain Student Wohi Jahan Mai Ache,
Hoty Hain Jo Pas Pharron Se..

Baaten Sunte Raho
Baaten Karte Raho
Dil Ki Awaz Ko Ab Dabana Nahi Baaten Sunte Raho Baaten Karte Raho Dil May Jo Baat Hai Wo Chupana Nahi

Aate Jate Hue
Maine Dekha Use
Bola Dil Ab Nigahen Hatana Nahi

Subho Se Sham Phir
Raat Dhalti Gai
Roshni Chehre Ki Us K Her Su Rahi
Baaten Sunte Raho Baaten Karte Raho
Dil May Jo Baat Hai Wo Chupana Nahi

Naam Likhta Raha Or Chupata Raha Keh Saka Usko Dil Ka Fasana Nahi Ek Din Mil Gaya Koi Apna Usay Kar Gai Bheer May Kaise Tanha Mujhe Tab Laga Yun Mujhe Mere Ghar May Usay Chand Bun Kar Kabhi Jagmagana Nahi

Main To Mayoos Tha
Surmai Sham May
Zindagi Bhejdi Usne Pygham May

Mil Gai Wo Mujhe
Keh Diya Ye Use Aagaye Hoto Ab Duur Jana Nahi
Baaten Sunte Raho
Baaten Karte Raho
Dil May Jo Baat Hai Wo Chupana Nahi…!

Budha : Beti Tumhara Nahna Muna Bhai Har Waqt Rota Kyon Rehta Ha…?

Beti : Ap K Ball Na Ho Ap K Dant Na Ho Ap Chal Phir Na Sakien Bat Cheet Bi Na Kr Sakien Tou Ap Kiya Roye Ge Nahe.

Why V Make FRENDZ?
Coz They Understand Just By Looking In Our Eyes…
Coz U Can Say Sumthing Stupid Or Expose Ur Deepest Secrets To Them…
Coz They Believe In Ur Dreams No Matter How Silly They May Seem..Coz They Luv U For What U Are..
And Finally..
Coz Evrything U Do Together Becomes A Memory 🙂


Main Us Se Door Ho Kr B,

Bohat Majboor Ho Kr B,

Dukhon Se Choor Ho Kr B,

Usi Ko Yaad Krti Hon,


Main Dukh Apne Chupa Kr B,

Khushi K Geet Ga Kr B,

Hansi Honton Pr Saja Kr B,

Usi Ko Yaad Karti Hon,


Jahan K Ghamon Mein Kho Kr B,

Main DiL K Daagh Dho Kr B,

Kisi K Paas Ho Kr B,

Wo Aksar Fursat Main Ek Kaam Karte Hain

Bana K Aaina Humain Salam Karte Hain

UsKi Masoom Adaayn Usay Ruswa Na Kr Dain

Wo Likh K Darakhton Pe Mera Naam Aam Karte Hain

Us K Maathay Se Ubharta Hai Subah Ka Noor

Aur Andhere UsKi Zulfon Main Aaram Karte Hain

AanKhon Se Waardatain Karna Hai Paisha UnKa

Dilon Ki Choriaan Wo Sar É Aam Karte Hain

Zamana Tera Hi TalabGaar Sahi SAGAR

Kuch Hussan Waale Humara Bhi Ehtram Karte Hain,

Baray Hi Afsos Ki Baat Hy
Pura Din Guzar Gaya Mgr
Jtna Afsos Mjhy Aaj Hua Hy
Main Bs Bata Nhi Skta
“SMART” Ppl Day Tha

Collection of funny short riddles to be tagged as riddle sms / text messages. Send Riddle SMS from your mobile phones and ask your friends to solve these cute riddles and brain stroking Riddle / Puzzle SMS Messages. We have Various Kinds Of Riddle Text Along With Urdu SMS Paheliyan. Here You Will get a Daily Updated riddle Collection Of Paheli Message & Riddles. These are also called Questions form Question SMS, and Sawal SMS. We keep adding Latest and new riddle sms Jokes frequently so Have fun sending these Riddle SMS to your friends you can find Latest Riddle SMs Jokes, Riddle SMS Collection, Riddle Text Messages, Latest Riddle SMS and more here.

Ek admi ki saas
ek aurat ki
saas ki maa hai….

Admi or Aurat ka rishta kya hai?

Wo kon si cheez hai jis ko
agar zameen pe painko to nahi tootti,
Lekin agar pani mein painko to toot jati hai.
Answer: Reflection

What part of a human, which size doesn’t increase?
(remain as same as at the time of Birth)

Do u think u can answer….
Answer: Eye

Is sawal ka jawab do

Shadi se pehle dulhan ka baap dulhe ko kya deta hai?
Jo shadi k baad wapas leta hai..?

Its challenge 4 u!
Answer: Sukh aur Chain

4___4___4___4 = 20
Use +, -, /, * To Solve It.
It’s A Challenge…
Reply The Answer.
Answer: 4 * (4/4 + 4)

Pakistan Ka Aìsa City Jis

Ko Urdu Mai Likhtay Waqt

15 Nuqtay Dalnay Partay Hain

Answer : Pak Patan Shareef

“RIdDLE Of thE NIte.”

Q: Aik GOoNga apNI GirL fRieND Ko GaANa kIs taRAH sUNae ga?

RePLY MuST.. .

1.Wo Konsi Cheez Hai Jo Kheenchne
Se Choti Hoti Hai?

2.Woh Konsa Janwar Hai Jis K Kaan Nhn
Per Sunta Hai, Dant Nhn Per Katta Hai?

3. Asad Abdullah Ka Baap Hai.
Asad Abdullah K Baap Ka______ Hai?

4.Ek Ganja Chor Chori Karne Ata Hai
Sub Kch Ley Jata Hai Per
Ek Cheez Nhn Bolo Kya? ;->

Hy Dum Tu Batao 😛

I can sizzle like bacon,
I am made with an egg,
I have plenty of backbone, but lack a good leg,
I peel layers like onions, but still remain whole,
I can be long, like a flagpole, yet fit in a hole,
What am I?

Answer: A snake.


1. What programming language is GOOGLE developed in?

2. What is the expansion of YAHOO?

3. What is the expansion of ADIDAS?

4. Expansion of Star as in Star TV Network?

5. What is expansion of “ICICI?”

6. The 1984-85 season. 2nd ODI between India and Pakistan at Sialkot – India 210/3 with Vengsarkar 94*. Match abandoned. Why?

7. Name the only other country (without India) to have got independence on Aug 15th?

8. Why was James Bond Associated with the Number 007?

9. Who faced the first ball in the first ever One day match?

10. Which is the only sport which is not allowed to play left handed?

1- Wo Konsi Jaga Hai Jahan Suraj Ki Kirne Sirf 1 Dafa Pari Ab Qayamt Tak Nahin Paregi.

2- Wo Kon Hai Jis Ne Khaya Hai Per Piya Kabhi Nahin.

3- Wo Kon Hai Jis Ne Jhoot Bola Aur Jannat Main Jayega.

4- Wo Kon Hai Jis Ne Sach Bola Aur Jahannum Main Jayegi.

5- Insan K Jism Main Rooh K Rehne Ki Jagah Kahan Hai.

Its Challenge For All.


Ek aadmi ki 6 ungliaaan thi
Sab log usey Akbar bulate the, Kyo?

Thoda aur….
Nahi pata kya

Kyonki Akbar uska Naam tha

1 Over me Kitne Balls Peke Jate hai

Kya apne kaha 6?

Galat jawab
1 over me 1 hi ball 6 bar feka jata he
Bade aye!
Cricket k shokeeeen!

Prove It If U R Genius.

There’s A Bus With 7 Girls,

Each Girl Has 7 Bags,

In Each Bag, There R 7 Big Cats,

Each Big Cat Has 7 Little Cats,

Each Cat Has 4 Legs.

How Many Legs R Present In The Bus?

Answer :-


A Man Was Walking In The Jungle, He Only Had One Bullet In His Gun, Bet Yet He Shot A Puma And A Cougar.

How Did He Do This..

Answer :-

A Puma And A Cougar Are The Same Animal.

My voice Is TenDer, My Waist Is Slender and I’m Often Invited to Play. Yet Whereever I Go I Must Take My Bow or Else I have Nothing To say
What Am I…?

Answer :-

A Violin 🙂

A Beggar’s Brother Died, But The Man Who Died Had No Brother

How Could This Be…?

Answers :-

The Beggar Was A Female

I Have Many Feathers To Help Me Fly. I Have A Body And Head, But I’m Not Alive. It Is Your Strength Which Determines How Far I Go. You Can Hold Me In Your Hand, But I’m Never Thrown. What Am I?

Answers :-

An arrow

Here I would like to share a collection of smile sms smile quotes which makes me smile and bring beautilful smile on your face (SMS Messages in this category are in roman urdu, hindi and english).

In short these messages are termed as SMS4Smile

🙂 🙂

For You,

One For Each Hour.!
So ThaT You Keep SMiLiNG 24 HOURS


Smile For The Ones You Love…
A Simple Smile Is All It Takes To Make One Happy…
Love Can Come In Many Different Ways, Shapes n Sizes …
But A Simple Smile Will Conquer Everything …
And Leave The Best Of Us Speechless …

A caring person doesn’t call & speak;
He makes it with a simple sms!
Bcz, sms is not what the mouth speaks;
Its what the heart really feels!

Keep the smile,
Leave the tear,
Think of joy,
Forget the fear ,
Hold the laugh,
Leave the pain,
Be jouyous till i sms again

Heart Can Skip Beats 4 a While
Memories can be kept in a file
A desert can replace the Nile
NOthing can stop a smile when ur name appears on my mobile.

Smile a while,
& when U smile,
smile another smile
& soon there will b miles
& miles of smile
bcoz you smiled .
i wish your day is full of SMILE

Match Stick Glows 4 Few Seconds

Candle 4 An Hour
Sun 4 A Day

But A Smile Can Glow Ur Life 4 EVER

hey dear if u hve time

if u dont mind

if ur mode is alright

them plz leave all ur works




1 smile smille and smile!!!!!

U knw wht makes me happy whn u msg me?
ur joke?
sweet msg?
jst ur name

smiling is cooling System of heart,
Sparking system of eyes,
Lightning system of face,
So Keep smiling……………..

Smile a while,
While u smile,
smile another smile,
soon there will be miles,
and miles of smiles is just u smile,

Hey someting missing in u.
Bt what & where?
Let’s search..
In ur bag.
In ur pocket .
Oh GOD .
I got it !!
It’s on ur face

A HEARTFUL SMILE gives joy to you .BUT
AN ARTIFICIAL SMILE makes you guilty.
so always smile heartfully.

S: Sets u free

M: Makes u special

I: Increases your face value

L: Lift up your spirits

E: Erase all your tension and stress…

So SmiLe=)


Keep the smile,
Leave the tear,
Think of joy,
Forget the fear ,
Hold the laugh,
Leave the pain,
Be jouyous till i sms again

Doctors prescription 4 u…
A cute little smile 4 breakfast,
More laughs 4 lunch,
And lots of happiness 4 dinner…
Doctor’s fees?
A SMS whenever u r free

Girls misuse it! models sell it! photograhers cage it!doctors advice it!death freezes it! artists create it! tats SMILE! KEEP SMILING!!

You Can Hide Alot …
Behind A SMILE

B r o k e n
H e a r t

S h a t t e r e d
D r e a m s

L o n g i n g
D e s i r e s …

Shakespear said don’t worry!
because if u r worried u get a wrinkle,
So why don’t u smile & get a dimple.
Always smile and be happy


Aik larki buhat piyasi thi achanak usay ALA-DIN ka CHIRAGH mila.

Usne usay ragra aur JIN se kaha: Meri piyas bhujao

PEPSI wali


Pathan ki girlfriend ne usko message kya:

“I Miss U”

Bohat dair sochny k baad Pathan ne jawab dya:

“I Student U”

Sardar writes 2 Bill Gates abt PC & Windows problems:

1. My child learnd MS WORD now he wants MS SENTENCE.

2. I find only

3. I see MS OFFICE but i want to use this softwre @ home so i need MS HOME.

4. Finally, how is dat ur name is GATES but u r selling WINDOWS.

Pathan 2 doctor: Mujhey 1 problem hay

Pathan: Bat karty waqt admi dikhai nahin deta
Dr: Aisa kub hota hay?

Pathan: Phone kartay waqt.

Maths Teacher Was Teaching Mathematical Conversions

Teacher: If 1000 Kgs = Ton. Then

For 3000 Kgs =How Much?

Ton! Ton! Ton!

Man sees Sardar-G standing in d middle of a huge field of grass & notices,

He is just standing dere, doing nothing, looking @ nothing

Man asks: Sardar-G What r U doing?

Sardar-G: I’m trying 2 win a noble prize

Man: How?

Sardar-G: Well I heard they give d noble prize 2 ppl who r outstanding in their field.
Funny SMS Forum
Teacher: How Do You Differentiate “WIFE” & “MOTHER”

Before Marriage We Sleep With “MOTHER”


After Marriage
We Sleep With Our “WIFE”

Pyar krne wale log UFoNE se bat krte ha
Knjus Z0nG se
Amer Jazz se
Khbsurt WARID se
Ziddi TELENOR se
Lekin zaheen log kbhi bat nai krte
Wo mri trha
karte hain.

Ek Sardar:
Oye Badmashaa meri paen da dupatta wapis kar de.

Badmash: Chal Oye Chal Tu ki karen ga.

Sardar: Peeko karani se.


Man:Sardar jee aap ko garmi lagti hai to kia karte ho?
Sardar:AC k pas ja k beth jata hon

Man:Agar phir bhi garmi lagay to?
Sardar:To A/C on kar laita hon :p

1 Sardar Police Station K Bahar Se
Guzra Aur Poster Pe Parha

“Wanted For RAPE & MURDER ..”

Sardar Ne Andar Ja Ker Kaha:
“I Want To Apply For This Job”

Teacher: Story Sunao.

Sardar:1 din hum un k ghar gaye to woh soye howay thay
1 din wo hamare ghar aye to hum soye howa thay.

Moral: Jesa karo gay, waisa bharo gay

Doctor: Bachey ko paani
dene se pehle boil ker lena chahiye.

Sardar: Lekin Janab, Boil karne se bacha marr tou nahi jaye ga.

Train me 1 Machchar Chinese ka sir per betha,
Woh usko pakar kar kha gaya!

Phir 1 Machchar Memon k sir par betha,
Usne pakar kar Chinese se pucha:

Khareeday Ga?

Hum khud pe “GHAROOR” nhi karty.

Kisi ko dosti k liye “MAJBOOR” nhi karty.

Bus apny dil may basa lety hain.


Marty dam tak “DOOR” nhi karty!

Ishq Ka Jis Ko Bhi Khuwab Aajata Hai…
Waqt Samjho Kharab Aajata Hai…

Mehboob Aaye Ya Na Aaye Janaab…
Taaray Gin Gin K Hisaab Aajata Hai…!

Agr basanti ki mausi thakur ko rakhi bandhy to Veeru & thakur ka kia rishta hua?
Apna kaam karo Koi rishta nahi banta, Thakur k hath hi nhi thy.


Kiyon jaagte ho? Kia sochte ho?
Kuch humse kaho, Tanha na raho,

Socha na karo.
Ab raat ki ankhen bheegh chaleen aur CHAND b ha chup jane ko.
Kuch dair mein shabnam aye gi pholon ki piyaas bujhane ko.
Shadaab shagoofon ki soorat khuwabon k nagar mein kho jao
Ab,,,,so jao
Ab,,,,so jao…

Sardar saw a very high Airtel Tower
& Red Light glowing on the top:

Seeing this he said: India is developing fast,
See there are traffic signals for Aeroplane in the air.

Sardar: Yaar mujhe 1 Hathora
or keel chahiye computer k lye.

Sales man: Magar computer me inka kia kam?
Sardar:Oye yar mujhe computer mein windows lagani hai.

Funny SMS
Why MEMONS are banned to play Hockey and Football?


Corner miltay he DUKAAN khol letay hain. 🙂

Zardari SMS

Divorce is never a solution!
Try to stay away for few years.
If differences still persist.




Kill Your Wife.

Asif Ali Zardari


A Sardar’s Speach to his workers in England:

“Do do, not do not do,
What my goes?
Your goes your father’s goes.”

In His Sense:

Karna hai karo, Nahi karna na karo,
Mera ki janda aye?
Twada janda aye tay Twaday Piyo da janda aye. 😀


Count How Many Stars in this SMS


Pehli Bar CHAND ko Sitare Ginte Dekha hay
or ab Muskurate hue bhi. 🙂


Height Of Self-Confidence

Teacher Asks Student:
“Why Are You Late… ?”

Student: “Late .. !!!
Who Me … ?
No Way Sir ! I”m Alive …”


Women’s day per aik larki ne Pathan se kaha:
“Aapko pata hai aaj Women’s Day hai?”

Pathan ne ghabra kar kaha: Kamaal hai jab hum ghar se nikla tha tab to TUESDAY Tha.


Don’t keep Me in your Heart,
But keep Me in your Brain,


Rehnay ki jaga jitni Khali ho utna he Maza aata hai.


Laado De Lashkare Jag Mag Kapre Sare!

O Laado Sabun…
O Laado Sabun…

Ye Commercial BREAK Tha


U Continue Ur Work Jo Kr Rahe Thay ;->


Son: Mom mubarik ho, meri 7 Janmo k liay job lag gai hai.

Mom: Acha beta wo kon si?

Son: Mujhay Star Plus ki Serial me kaam mil gya hai..


Any body can love a Rose
But it takes a great deal to love a leaf.
Dont love some one who is beautiful,
But love the who can make u r life beautiful…

Load Shedding Jokes
Ye Badalti Rutain
Ye Dubte Huey Arman
Ye Terti Hui Musafatain
Ye Jalte Diye
Ye Pighalte Huey Badan
Ye Bhujti Shamen
Ye Kch Or Nhi Srf
KESC Ki Beghairti Hy.


Chahtey hen woh Faraz hum se Aisi chahat ka waada!




Chahtey hen woh Faraz hum se Aisi chahat ka waada!
12 rupay ka Lemon Max, ghulay kum aur chalay zyada…


Zarori Elaan!

1st May se bijli bilkul khatam ho jay gi,

1st May se tamam log apnay apnay UPS

Wapda k kissi bhi office se recharge karwa saktay hain.



2009 K BAAD 2010 AYEGA,

Snday k baad Mnday Ayega,

Puray mahinay light nhi bill phr b Ayega,

Hum to Apse sirf itna hi kahenge,




This is an Adult SMS
If You are under 18 years please don’t go through it and Quit, If you are Above or equal 18 then go through it.

Elections aa Rahe hain.(ELECTIONS ARE COMMING).

So Pls do vote.


Do u know boys left hand or girls right hand me watch kyn pehante hain??




Time dekhne k Ly 😉


“Zarday” Aur “Zardari” mein kia farq hy … ?

Ek ko Khushi mein khatey hyn


Duusra Khushion ko kha jata hai.

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